Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow much fun?

Hello to all my lovely followers (stalkers) out there - although it's a fair assumption I won't have any for a good while AND this isn't I guess I'm SOL @ this point. 

Anyways, I've always gone back and forth like a ping pong ball on the idea of me blogging; my biggest concern was that I have nothing of substance to really put out there for your viewing pleasure.  I'm not an expert cook, fitness guru, master photographer or any of that other important nonsense. If you need a tutorial for the perfect 'smoky eye' - sorry, you'll have to take your cyber travels elsewhere.  I DO know that I enjoy writing, so I guess that counts for something, right?

So, in typical Maryland fashion, as we were blanketed with (maybe) 6 inches of snow, the ENTIRE state goes into shock and everything shuts down like a Chick-Fil-A on Sunday. Now, I'm all for a hall pass from work, but LAWDY are 'snow days' B-O-R-I-N-G, especially now that I'm into my late 20's.  Snow day boozing can only take you so far, and it sure as hell isn't out the front door unless you live downtown where all the fun happens...TO THE BAR, BATMAN!  As I sat on my couch (my ass probably forming a permanent groove) reading, I started to think about Jack Torrance from 'The Shining' and thought that it's no wonder he went off the deep end and started chasing everything in sight with an axe.

                                               Bottoms up Jack!

In the aftermath of my 24 hour bout with cabin fever, I can happily say that the roommates and myself survived - however, as a result of the snow plow, a sturdy fort of the white stuff had my car surrounded this morning.  NO. WAY. OUT.  (and by no way out I mean I was too lazy to walk back upstairs to grab the shovel that is conveniently in storage)  I stood there for about 20 seconds, debating if I should go grab the shovel or just call it a loss and go back to bed (hey, what's another day off work?)  I decided to TRY despite the harrowing circumstances; after several embarrassing attempts to dig myself out, I became a damsel in distress.  As the wind bitch slapped me in the face and the snot ran from my nose, I wished that the snow shovel fairy would swoop down to give me a strong man...well wouldn't ya know it, I turn around and POOF! The man in the community who has introduced himself as 'Angel' (an angel, indeed) showed up like a knight with shining shovel - he also toted a buddy. Ideal!

                                                  OH, Somebody??? Anybody!

A few scoops here and there and the ordeal was over.  Afterwards, Angel and friend stood by their conquest (my car) like they had just gotten laid and lit up their Marlboros.  When the cancer stick pow wow ended, Angel floated back upstairs to heaven that is the apartment a few doors down from mine.

On a final note and all jokes aside, it's really a comfort to know there are some people out there willing to give a helping hand (or shovel) just. because.

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