Sunday, June 1, 2014

Two types of pains

So, it's been a hot minute since I last posted; I had to blow on my computer like a classic Nintendo cartridge because I wasn't sure if it still worked.

Today I'm feeling good - coming off of a 3 day migraine marathon.  It's probably my own stubbornness, but I continued to pop Advil 'VH1 Behind The Music' style without any relief until I broke down and bought Excedrin Migraine.  I'm sure anyone who's had this type of headache can agree that they're disabling; I drove home from work the other night with one hand on the wheel and the other with a firm grip on my head, hoping the pressure would stabilize the pain.  I'm sure it looked odd, but definitely more dignified than having my finger up my nose.

Recently, I was inspired by a friend who received unrelenting texts from a guy she met at the bar.  I do think the term 'creepy' is tossed around too casually; no man wants to be labeled as a stalker but sometimes, a CCT (Creeper Champion Trophy) is deserved.  I think some of these guys misunderstood the phrase 'don't take no for an answer!'  In the dating world, 'no' actually means 'no chance in Hell'.  Guys - when a woman says she just wants to be friends, don't misinterpret that as 'I want to have sex with you!'

What's even worse is when someone tries to impress you with their 'assets' - this is a common Annapolis strategy.  I don't mind friendly conversation at the bar, but frankly, I don't care that you live on a 'boat 'and want to take me for a ride on it - you act like you live on a floating Taj Mahal.  All I really got from that statement was that you're homeless, so I think I'll take a rain check on the Roofie Coolata cruise.

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