Monday, August 4, 2014

Heavy liftin'

My brother has told me several times over the last few months that due to my lack of posting, my blog has basically become a dried up turd.  I won't lie and say I disagree with him...summer drought, perhaps?  In all honesty, I'm currently going through all those familiar emotions associated with moving: stress, stress, and stress.

I've been busy packing up my life and movin' boxes to the left, to the left like Beyonce 'cept I aint kickin' no cheatin' man to the curb.

It's universally said that moving is one of the most difficult tasks that we face throughout a lifetime. This experience cultivates many feelings, ranging from anxiety to physical pain.  The process is also an exciting one - it's an opportunity to start a new chapterI've been lucky enough to call two of Maryland's most iconic cities my home; while it's bittersweet to say goodbye to what's familiar, I'll carry the good times and laughs with me as I move forward.

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